Things to Know About Bamboo Mattresses

Only a few people believe in the ability of bamboo material to be used as bedding. Did you know that harvested and processed bamboo can turn into fiber resulting in pillows, clothing, and of course, a mattress? If you haven’t yet tried getting a bamboo mattress, give it a time to read these things to know about bamboo mattresses. We bet at the end of this post, you’ll be getting one.

Mattress and Pillows

What do we want most?

A good night sleep! Well, a bamboo mattress can give you rest like no other.

What are the benefits of bamboo mattress?

There are lots of reasons why you need to switch on using a bamboo mattress that’ll lead you to your most desired number of sleep hours. The benefits are:


Bamboos are kind of plant that grows at any climate condition. There is no use of fertilizers or pesticides in growing bamboos. And so, the environment is safe from being poison. The mattress product is therefore chemical-free.

Bamboos are easy to sustain even with limited water, sunlight, and other nutrients. It quickly grows back after harvest as the roots aren’t fully dug up.

Gives comfort

Proper posture while sleeping is very important to consider in finding comfort. Bamboo mattresses are very soft because of the fiber material. It properly aligns the spine during the sleep and wakes you up free from back pain.


It naturally contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties. This makes allergy-causing bacteria to hardly penetrate bamboo mattresses.


More than 35% more oxygen is produced by bamboo as compared to other trees. It also helps to eliminate greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When bamboo becomes a mattress, the fiber makes it breathable. The air flow depends on the current temperature. On hot days, it’ll keep you cool and warmer during colder days.

Bamboo Mattress: A Quick Buying Guide

Knowing those benefits you could get in having a bamboo mattress, here are the key factors a bamboo mattress must have to be considered a good buy:

Strong Edge Support

Sleeping on the edge of the bed is sometimes dangerous. The edge support of every mattress depends on its price. High-end mattresses offer encasement as edge support. A steel rod is provided by cheaper mattresses. But, foam encasements are the most recommended edge support.

Low Chemical Odor

This allows better sleep all through the night. Bamboo rayon must be avoided as it produces a strong chemical odor that may affect your health.

Excellent Ventilation

As other foam mattresses make you feel the hotness during hot seasons, bamboo mattresses will provide coolness.

Soft and Comfortable

It’s nonsense buying a mattress that isn’t soft.Try lying down on it when choosing which product to buy to feel the comfort it could render. Or, check the consumer’s feedback about the mattress.

Durable Construction

You’ll be using the mattress for a long time and so durability must be high. Make sure it can carry pounds of weights.

Easy to set up

Check the size of the bed where you’ll lay down the bamboo mattress. Be certain on the fitting to easily put the mattress on the bed.


Though bamboo mattresses are considered highly priced, look for a product that will match your budget. There are cheaper bamboo mattresses that still provide the previous key factors.

Bamboo Mattress

The Secrets behind Bamboo Mattresses

We saw the goodness of bamboo mattresses above. Now, let’s proceed to the controversies it faces.

The Manufacturing Process

Bamboo Rayon

A bamboo mattress will not become a 100% fabric-made without passing through a chemical process. Bamboo is said to be dissolved in chemical solvents and heavily bleached to turn into a mattress.

Bamboo Lyocell

Here the bamboo is dissolved in a weak alkaline named N-methyl morpholine N-oxide. That is less toxic to humans but still contains chemicals.

Bamboo Linen

This is a mechanical process wherein the bamboo is crushed and mashed until the remaining fibers become linen. Bamboo mattresses out of this process are more costly because of the intensive labor.

Not a 100% bamboo

Mostly, you’ll find real bamboo on the top layer of the mattress. It is because it has direct contact on your face and body. The next layers are filled with high-density memory foam.

No evidence of anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties

This remains a controversy up-to-date. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) doesn’t support the claim of a bamboo mattress of having anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

The Final Say for Bamboo Mattresses

Hope we’ve mentioned all the things you need to know about bamboo mattresses. This kind of mattress is priced expensively than conventional mattresses. The price is reasonable as it ensures a healthy, fresh, and good night sleeps.

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