Innerspring Vs Pocket Spring Mattresses: What’s The Difference?

There are numerous ways on how you can achieve a good sleep at night. However, all of these order an appropriate mattress. Further, the amount of variability of mattress that the market offers very nearly blinds you. Hence, what kind of mattress should you really buy?

A lot of people still choose the certified innerspring mattresses that are possibly the oldest kind of mattresses everywhere. This may speak volumes on how comfy they are considered. Yet just lately, a newfangled sub-type has arisen called the pocket spring mattress. If you are confused with what is the difference between the two, as well as what you must look out for while purchasing either, you are on the right tab. Here we will be differentiating innerspring vs pocket spring mattresses. Read on to learn more!

What are Innerspring Mattresses?

The innerspring mattresses has been around ever since 1930s. In spite of newer mattress kinds like the latex beds and memory foam that enters the scene, still, the traditional innerspring beds make up about 2/3 of the overall mattress sales in today’s day and time.

Moreover, the innerspring mattresses have gotten their continuing power because of their affordability, as well as their ability to support a range of sleepers, including overweight individuals, individuals with back pain, as well as the stomach sleepers. Nonetheless, newer kinds of mattress have already addresses some of the major complaints that surround the innerspring beds, just like their tendency to sag, lack of motion isolation, noisiness, and their short lifespan.

What are Pocket Spring Mattresses?

The pocket spring mattress are the foundation of high-quality mattresses and are an important component, which any mattress buyers must fully understand. The main thing to bear in mind is that the pocket springs, types, and the counts must not be taken in seclusion.

Moreover, pocket springs are separately wrapped coils, which sit within their specific fabric pocket. The springs themselves aren’t attached directly. This means that each spring is able to move in an independent way, hence providing an enhanced support and adjusting to the body’s contours. This particular independent movement of the springs prevents the roll together as well, most especially if you sleep with someone.

Innerspring Vs Pocket Spring Mattresses: Similarities


Both the pocket spring and innerspring mattresses are very durable. They don’t tend to wear down or bend on their own. With the regular turning and care, the coils in the mattresses may last for more than a decade.


Both the pocket spring and innerspring mattresses provide the firm support a lot of sleepers look for. The innerspring mattresses offer a rather more widespread support, while the single coils in the pocket spring mattress mean that it can shape it into the body much easier. This might be better for those with back issues who are looking for relief.

Innerspring Vs Pocket Spring Mattresses: Differences

Motion Transfer

The innerspring mattresses transfer many motion form from one side of the bed to the other side, since the whole bed shares the very same spring system. This might not be the best choice for light sleepers, as well as to couples.

Further, the pocket spring mattresses might still transfer motion slightly, yet much lesser than what a traditional innerspring mattress does. This actually makes for a much easier rest for both partners at night.


There is actually a reason innerspring mattresses have been the first choice for all these years –they are more durable and cheaper than a lot other kinds of mattresses. However, if you go too cheap, you might notice that the foam, which lines these mattresses is way cheaper as well. This might make for a very prickly sleeping experience, as well as a bunch of waster money.

While the pocket spring mattresses tend to be more expensive than the innerspring mattresses, it’s important to ensure the added cost goes to the quality of the materials used in making it. Just like the innerspring mattresses, cheap foam at the top of a pocket spring mattress may translate to a prickly experience too quickly.

Pressure Points and Comfort

The traditional innerspring mattresses might be durable, yet one thing a lot of people complain about is the pain from the pressure points. The weight-bearing like the shoulders or hips might dig into the springs as the person goes to sleep. This causes pain as the skin tends to feel the spring’s pressure.

Innerspring Mattress

On the other hand, the pocket spring mattresses respond much better to the pressure points. Due to the fact that each spring is rapped on their own, each of the spring might move the pressure and shape it feels. This is what creates more relief, as well as spreads out the pressure from the pressure points to more than just a string. This results to a more comfortable sleeping experience. Both the pocket spring and innerspring mattresses are supportive options. The choice in between them might come down to the cost, as well as the quality of the materials. The best way for you to test them out might be to ask for a trial and then feel for yourself.

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