Tips for New Moms to Get to Sleep

For new moms, their newborn can cause havoc in their sleep schedule. Though it is an evolutionary effect that is meant to help them raise their kids, at times it is important to try to get to sleep to avoid health-related issues that affect the human body due to weariness. One can overcome the stress caused by lack of sleep by fully understanding and accepting their situation. As long as you follow the tips below, it becomes easy for you to fall sleep regardless of the attention that your baby needs.

 Tips for New Moms Sleeping

Outsource Tasks

Work together with your partner or house help to take care of your baby. If your newborn takes a bottle, get someone to do the task of feeding him or her. Besides, you can pump your milk instead of breastfeeding.

Keep Your Routine Uncomplicated

A simple routine is a gateway to the crib. Take up a consistent one like bathing, followed by a bottle in the nursery chair, reading, and then the crib.

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

Take a nap when your little one sleeps regardless of the number of tasks you have to tackle.


Swaddling restricts the movement of limbs so your baby does not startle himself during sleep. It also keeps them warm so they can sleep for long.

Talk about your sleep needs

Before delivering your baby, arrange on how you can get a babysitter or night nurse to watch over him while you sleep.

Say No to Added Responsibility

Taking extra responsibilities when you have a newborn will keep you busy and weary. Spend your free time resting with your newborn to avoid having a hectic time sleeping.

Find Snooze Inducing Activities

Sleep-inducing activities like listening to the radio or reading get you to sleep easily. You should not watch television or use your computer and phone as the light emitted by the latter keeps you awake.

Set Aside Social Graces

When your loved ones visit, do not offer to be the host as it could prevent you from taking enough rest. Instead, talk to them about your needs or get someone else to do the hosting as you take a rest.

Do not “bed share” during sleep

Though sometimes you might have to let your baby cry himself to sleep, make sure they are not sick or hungry. You can leave them to self-sooth themselves by crying but if they do not stop, be sure to check on them and offer them comforting words until they fall asleep.

Set the Mood

A dark, temperate, and a quite bedroom sets the mood right for you to sleep. Be sure to turn a bright alarm clock away and install windows that are dim and not bright to interfere with your sleep when the light comes. Besides, avoid living in noisy places that make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Practice Good Timing

A glass of warm milk induces sleep faster as compared to taking cold drinks. Do not eat heavy meals right before bedtime as they lower your chances of falling asleep. Besides, you should avoid stimulants like caffeine as they prolong your chances of sleeping. In case you need to do your exercises, you should be sure to do it at least three hours before going to bed.

Dream feed

This involves feeding your baby right before they break to bed. The procedure helps to prevent the baby from waking up just after you have slept. Besides, it also prolongs your babies’ sleep so you can rest for longer hours.

Lay your baby down awake, but drowsy

Teach your baby to sleep independently as they soon adapt to it. Babies often wake up in the middle of the night just like adults, and since they do not know how to go back to sleep, they end up crying for your attention. A baby that is trained to sleep without help will definitely sleep even if they wake up in the middle of the night.

Walking weary while you are a new parent is common but by adopting the tips above it gets easy for you to sleep and feel fresh in the day. Besides, short naps also bring you back to life and you can also consider seeking professional help in case the situation gets out of hand.

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