The Ultimate Guide on Box Springs

Your bed is the ultimate comfort and resting place after all the work and busy schedule you attended throughout the day. So, by the time you get to bed, the surface mattress has to be satisfying and relaxing with sturdy support. Fussing over mattress quality is a real thing especially for people who want to enjoy a good backrest and relaxation. Getting a box spring is easy and inexpensive if you know which sources to contact for purchase. There are some things in life that you cannot compromise with and getting a quality box spring is one you should not avoid doing.

Good bed support is helpful in giving you that extra comfort. The bed and mattress department has gone through various changes over the years. It has brought about many new and more enhanced types of equipment and additions to ensure people have a comforting experience. You will find mattresses in the double bed size which is 74 inches long and 54 inches wide, the king size which is 80 inches long and 78 inches wide, the twin bed which is 374 inches long and 39 inches wide, and the queen size which is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

What is a box spring?

It is the foundation of a mattress which is either made of metal, spring rods, or wood that acts as the support system. Box spring looks like the lining of the mattress and fits directly onto the bed. It is essential to purchase a mattress with box springs because when the mattress supports the body the box spring likewise supports and protects the mattress from natural wear and tear.

Also known as divan in other countries it is the part that forms the base of the bed. It comes either in wooden or metal made quality with fillings of springs and has a proper finishing with cloth covers. Box springs are placed on top of the bed frame before putting the mattress. It helps in giving the sleeper a more relaxed effect as well as extends the lifespan of the mattress. It is the middle layer between the bed and the mattress that solves all the issues from relaxation, support, flexibility, and durability.

The need to install a Box spring, is it necessary?

Using box springs gives the mattress a better height, comfort and extends the life of the bed in the long run. It is the base that supports everything that sits on the mattress, so it is advisable to have one. It is tedious and expensive to buy a new mattress every time it soils. Box springs are the solution for remedying such problems.

Using box springs gives the mattress a better height

It has some distinct benefits like, elevating the height that helps to have easier access when getting in or out of bed. It is also useful in protecting the mattress from the daily wear and tear which guarantees a long lifespan of the mattress.

You do not need a box spring if the mattress is new. Box springs are efficient for keeping the mattress elevated from the floor in case the bed height is low lying; it supports the mattress from sagging and increases the durability of the mattress. You can look up on other reliable sources on the internet to know which kind of mattresses need box spring and which ones does not.

Different types of box springs

You will find that box springs come in a variety of materials and designs. The wooden and metal paneled box springs do not come with the original springs. However, it is apt for increasing or decreasing the height of the mattress apart from comfort and protection. The box springs with bouncy springs are another type of material for bed. Either way, it is dependent on the buyer about the quality or design they prefer to use as their box spring for the mattress support.

Wooden Box Spring

People generally know it as “box spring”, but these days many other designs have been introduced which serve different purposes. Foundation looks similar to a box spring but works and has features that are different. It has slats of thin wood on its structure to support and comes in a well-finished fabric covering. Its sole purpose is to support mattresses.

Platform beds on the other hand as the name suggests looks like a low platform bed. Most platform beds come with different fixtures like a headboard, footboard, and inbuilt and sturdy wooden slats that are to hold the mattress. The wooden made box spring comes with horizontal plank which acts as the support system. It is also available in metal and spring materials.

The box spring with springs has many coils of spring laid beneath the surface of the panel to allow for more bouncy and flexibility of the mattress. These days’ manufacturers have started to add more coils to make it more packed and avoid noisy or loose box spring bed.

Materials used for making the different box spring

The original form of box spring was wooden made with springs and coils in it. Every product design has its merits based on the way it should be used. Whether it is box spring, foundation, platform, etc. every one of it has its distinct benefits when it comes to the type of materials used for making it. Some experts suggest using box spring with springs which has small coils of spring that helps in avoiding noise and give the mattress a more bouncy feel.

With springs on the mattress, it makes it more flexible and protects from damaging easily. Foundation supports any mattress whether latex, airbed, memory foam, innerspring, etc. that helps to prevent sagging of the material. The flat surface of platform beds does not require bed springs or foundation to support the mattress. It has many flat wood slats put horizontally to help and hold the mattress.

The thickness of the fabric

All mattresses are thick, but with the box spring, it gives it a more elevated height. Such height is right to keep away dust if the bed is a little closer to the floor. It also ensures tightness between the mattress and the bed and avoids dust from entering it.

Other types of mattress support system

Platform beds are wooden made and mostly avails storage space. It also does not need box spring for the elevation. You can place your mattress directly onto it. The storage space allows you to stock up excess clothes or shoes in it without littering the room space.

Foundation on the other hands is also wooden made but has a tight finish over it to hide the wooden planks lain beneath it. Its core purpose is to give the extra support for the mattress. Comparatively, it has a more clean finish than platform beds.

The advantages of using box spring

Box springs have many benefits like saving your mattress from spoiling easily, sagging, shock absorption, good support for the bed and many more.

Every box spring comes in different price ranges so you can choose one from the array of brands that suits your needs and requirements. If you are purchasing an expensive one rest assure that quality goods will last you a long time. It will also take away the problem of fixing or replacing it every time.

Some people also use it as a couch as its height makes it comfortable to use as one. Many people favor the artistic make of a traditional box spring rather than a platform. While supporting the body weight it also distributes the weight equally across the base of the bed. It helps in preserving it.

On average one-third of the time is spent on the bed, so it is important to have one that is relaxing as well as strong. Each bed type is different from the other which is the same with the preference of people about the type of beds they want to purchase. It is advisable to weigh the pros and cons of each type of beds before purchasing it.

Box spring beds have been a favorite among many people for a long time. However, with the introduction of modernized styles like the platform and foundation people get the urge to try something new and different. It is important to remember that no matter how new or old the product may be it all depends on your comfort and how long the product can last.

Money should not be an issue when deciding to purchase items like a box spring. When you purchase a box spring brand that has quality and features that are lasting it is worth every penny. It helps you to avoid having to replace it by buying a new one or repair it, both of which will burn a hole in your pocket. If you have no idea about mattresses and box spring brands, there are many reliable sources online. Read the reviews and feedback of people who have tried the different brands to know which one fits your criteria.

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