How the Right Mattress Can Affect Your Health

Did you know that we spend one third of our lives sleeping? Yes that eight hour power nap is the fuel that gets us through our day. It’s no surprise that we take the role of mattresses in our sleep for granted. We don’t realize how essential these soft rectangles are to our health. So how important are mattresses?

Right Mattress Can Affect Your Health

1. Reducing allergies

If you’re someone whose eyes start to water at the mere mention of dust or pollen, consider switching to a new mattress. Old mattresses tend to trap more dust mites, which accumulate over the years. Dust mites will irritate your nose and cause your allergies to act up, keeping you awake all night long and reducing the amount of quality sleep you get per day. Getting a new mattress will reduce the amount of suffering you’ll get from those finicky sneezes!

2. Relieve stress

Many people rush to pick a mattress and glaze over the importance of picking the right mattress. However, it is critical to find a mattress that you find comfortable. After a long day at work or running after the kids, you’re ready to head home for a long sleep. However, when you are stressed, you tend to be tense and your body is devoting energy to keep your body awake.

Stress activates a defense mechanism (fight or flight) that keeps your body ready to respond to anything. This makes it difficult for your body to relax enough to fall asleep. A comfortable mattress can help you relax because the feeling of pleasure through comfort reduces the effects of stress. This allows you to sleep easier without the pressure.

3. Poor sleep makes it difficult to stay healthy

A comfortable mattress is essential to getting to sleep easier. If you have difficulty getting to sleep due to being uncomfortable, you are denying your body essential sleep it needs to recharge body functions for the next day. Sleep deprivation reduces the ability of your immune system to fight off invaders, makes it difficult to focus or maintain coordination and balance during the day, causes weight gain, and increases your risk of diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, and car accidents. It can also impair your mental health; sleep deprivation can cause moodiness and aggression, leading to a higher risk for anxiety or depression.

4. Reduce back or joint pain

Already suffering from a pain in your back or your joints? If your mattress is putting pressure in the wrong places or isn’t supporting you correctly, this can cause your body to remain tense or align in the wrong way, leaving you sore or tight when you wake up. A correct mattress will make sure your spine is in a proper alignment and that pressure points will not be painful. You’ll wake up refreshed and pain-free!

The importance of sleep is critical. Feeling refreshed for the next day allows you to focus on activities you love and be successful at them. It increases creativity and keeps you healthy by reducing weight gain and the risk of inflammatory diseases. A critical tool to sleep well is your mattress. Experts advise the ideal mattress is comfortable but firm enough to support your body in any position. Take the time you need to pick out the right mattress because sleep is important! After all, you’re only awake two-thirds of the time.

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