How to Properly Store A Mattress: Top 7 Tips That You Need to Know

Mattresses are considered a big investment and choosing the right one takes a lot of time. A high-quality mattress, on the other hand, may possibly last anywhere from one decade or more if maintained properly. Since a high-quality mattress is quite expensive, you may want to store it, especially when not in use. But, a couple of months or years in storage may possibly damage your bed beyond restoration if it is not taken care of properly.

proper mattress storage

Whether you’re planning to upgrade your mattress, you are getting married, or your children are moving out, proper mattress storage might considerably extend the life of your bed. Read on and find out how to properly store a mattress.

7 Tips for Storing A Mattress Properly

1. Clean your mattress thoroughly

Without a doubt, mattresses are tarnished from gathering allergens such as dust mites in the crevices, small seams, and cracks along their sides and tops. Even though you are cleaning it on a regular basis, these might accumulate quickly, most especially if you have pets at home.

Thus, before storing make sure to give your mattress a thorough and good cleaning. Further, airing out is also essential to ensure it’s dry. Nevertheless, when it comes to cleaning your mattress you can make use of a vacuum or simply wipe it with a clean cloth.

2. Wrap it using big plastic sheets

Staining as well as moisture are the greatest threats to your mattress’s integrity. So, to prevent your bed from coming into contact with anything unanticipated while in storage, make sure to wrap it with durable and thick plastic sheets then tape it securely.

Instead of getting smaller plastic sheets, it is best to get bigger ones which you can crease around the mattress and tuck in before securing to offer additional layers along the corners and edges.

3. Don’t place any stuff on top of your mattress

Despite the fact that your mattress is specifically created to lay upon, don’t place any stuff on top of it. Because if you do this, it will become a repeated pressure which never lets the material rests, and unexpectedly, the life of your mattress will be lessened.

Heavy objects, on the other hand, might damage the springs and make more wear to the outside.

4. Store your mattress flat

Your mattress is made to lay flat as well as uphold weight notwithstanding with the materials used. Even though several websites claim that storing mattresses on their side is the most convenient and easiest ways to store them, honestly, it isn’t always the best thing to do.

Bear in mind that mattresses are usually heavy products and all their coils, foam, and padding will start to drop to gravity. When this takes place, your mattress won’t be the same again.

Though storing on its side is still worth considering make sure to do it for only a short period of time. Better yet, look for a flat and even surface where you can store your mattress for a couple of months or years. 

5. Invest in a water-resistant mattress storage cover

Investing is a water-resistant mattress storage cover is crucial particularly if you’re planning to store your mattress for longer periods. In fact, even the best-covered plastic may let fine dust and dirt from entering through the small folds and cracks. Nevertheless, additional level protection will prevent fine dirt and dust from getting too far from available openings.

6. Consider Climate Control

When storing your mattress, moisture adjustments, as well as temperature, are major concerns that you need to consider. Upgrading to a storage that is climate controlled will guarantee that your storage room will remain warm during winter and cool during summer.

However, if you prefer to utilize a customary storage unit, investing in portable humidifiers is recommended. Though they are not very efficient, such devices can be a great help in maintaining quality by means of pushing out the moisture every time you visit.

7. Transport your mattress using a covered vehicle

If you’re planning to move your mattress into a storage area, make sure to transfer it using a covered vehicle to prevent compromising the great covering job you applied. In addition, this keeps your mattress from getting exposed to sharp objects, moisture, as well as other liquids and dirt.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to cover it with sheets or old blankets to further protect your mattress from damage and dirt. During the transporting process, you can store it on its side to make more space in moving vehicle. Actually, giving this method a try is very important if you’re transporting other objects.


Aforementioned, mattresses are a big and expensive investment, thus you have to maintain, and store them properly. Fortunately, storing mattresses is not a difficult task. By simply following the above-mentioned tips, rest assured you will be able to store your mattress properly which may result in a longer life.

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