Maintaining Your Mattress: Keep the Mattress Looking and Feeling as New

You’ve just bought a brand new mattress, and you want it to last as long as possible and keep that perfect level of firmness for years to come. In order to keep that mattress pristine, you’ll need to take care of it and maintain your mattress properly, just as you would a car or any other big purchase. In this article, we’ll cover some of the important things you need to do to keep your mattress looking and feeling as good as the day you bought it.

Maintaining your mattress properly will keep it looks like new

Cleaning Your Mattress

Many people don’t take the time to regularly clean their mattress. Mattresses, like anything else, get dirty with use. Even if you have a protective cover and sheets on your mattress, it’s still possible for dust, dirt, and germs to make their way into the fabric of your mattress. Cleaning your mattress isn’t as hard as it might sound. Here are a few ways you can clean up your mattress:

  • Vacuum it. Use the hose attachment on your vacuum to get into the crevices of your mattress and suck up all the dead skin cells, pet hair, and anything else that may have found its way to onto your mattress.
  • Sprinkle your mattress with baking soda. Baking soda naturally absorbs nasty odors and can help make your mattress smell extra fresh. Sprinkle it liberally all over your mattress and let it sit for a day, or at least a few hours. Then simply vacuum up the baking soda, and voila! Any smells will be gone.

Invest in a Mattress Protector

You might feel like you already spent an arm and a leg on your new mattress, but a good mattress protector will be worth it in the long run. A mattress protector fits over your mattress like a fitted sheet. Many are water resistant, or even water-proof, which can help keep any spills (not to mention bodily fluids like sweat) from soaking into your mattress. This will ensure your investment in a new mattress doesn’t go to waste.

If you’re not too worried about stains on your mattress and think you don’t need a mattress protector, think again. When your mattress soaks up liquids it can lead to all kinds of nasty problems, like mold and mildew. Even if you clean up the spill right away (which, let’s face it, you can’t always do) you may still be left with a damp mattress that’s a potential breeding ground for mold.

Rotate Your Mattress

Our final tip for maintaining your mattress in nearly perfect condition is to rotate your mattress regularly. Every three months you should turn your mattress around, so what was the top of the mattress by your headboard is now at the bottom where your feet go. This helps ensure that the mattress wears down evenly. Even the best mattress is going to start to sag in places where you regularly put more pressure. Rotating your mattress allows you to spread out that wear and tear over the whole surface of the mattress.

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