King VS Cali King Size: Know The Difference

These two mattress sizes might sound almost the same but they sure have a huge difference. For those people who are kind of wondering which one fits them the most. Here are the things we know about these two. In fact, we made a comprehensive comparison of them and you’ll surely love it.

A King size mattress is wider than the Cali King size. However, the latter is longer. Cali King size mattresses measure 72” wide and 84” long. On the other hand, King size measures 76” wide and 80” long. See the difference?

King vs cali king size

King Size

To put it simply, a King Size mattress is significantly wider than the Cali King size. Its width measures 76 inches and length that measures 80 inches. Apparently, this mattress size can fit two people perfectly. Whether it is for siblings, couples, or dormitories, this size of mattress is perfect.

Since King size offers a wide space to sleep on. This can be enough for two people sleep comfortably and freely change sleeping positions.

Another reason why it can be great for couples is that it can fit a child. Only if you happen to have one and only child. But if you have more than one, better buy a double-decker or just another King Size.

And for dog lovers, this one is also ideal for both of you. If you have a huge dog like a Labrador for example. A King size mattress can fit the two of you perfectly. On the other hand, if you happen to own a bunch of cats or small dogs be ready to cuddle them all in this 86 inches wide bed.

Cali King Size or California King Size

A  Cali King Size or California King Size mattress is just a little slimmer than a normal King Size. It measures 72” wide and 84” long which makes a 4-inch difference to a King size mattress.

But compared to all sizes of mattress, the Cali King is apparently the longest. For this reason, most tall individuals tend to choose this among other mattress sizes. More so, people who love to use raised pillows are also perfect to use it.

And just because it measures significantly longer and it has enough width for two people. This mattress size is also ideal for adjustable beds. It is also recommended for couples who prefer better space on their feet and head and just enough width to accommodate the two of them.

King VS Cali King Size: Which is Better?

If you are planning to buy a mattress between these two sizes, ask yourself first with questions that can lead you to the right one. Asking questions can help you out in determining your set of requirements for the next mattress you will use.

One of the questions you must ask yourself first is how many people will sleep on the mattress. This is one of the many things you must consider before buying either a King size or a Cali King size mattress. And it actually applies on all mattress sizes.

In terms of advantages and benefits. The King size provides extra space and comfort compared to other sizes. This makes it ideal for a couple with one child because they can comfortably sleep on the same bed.

Moreover, it is ideal for combinational and side sleepers. It is also a good choice for any kind of décor because it doesn’t appear inconspicuous. Plus it gets attention.

In addition to that, it provides a wide-ranging health benefits. This includes its help in alleviating pressure points and it supports proper neck alignment. However, it is not ideal for taller individuals.

Modern bed

If you are opting for a mattress size that is perfect for tall people, the Cali King size is the one for you. It is significantly longer than the King size which allows it to provide better space above the head and below your feet. Moreover, it provides you ample space to stretch your legs especially if you are habitually sleeping on your back or on your stomach.

To sum it up, the King size is ideal for people who prefer wider mattresses than longer ones. On the other hand, the Cali King size fits those people who desire a mattress that provides enough space to accommodate two people but with better space for them to stretch their legs. Have you found the right one for you? Make better shopping choices and enjoy.

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