Inflating an Air Mattress – Without a Pump

If you have an air mattress but don’t have a pump to inflate it, don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to inflate your air mattress without using a pump. It might take a little longer, but it’s still possible. In this article, we’ll review some of the best methods for inflating your air mattress without a pump.

Use a Hair Dryer

One option is to use a hair dryer. Turn the hair dryer on and put the end up to the space where the pump would normally go. The air from the hair dryer will blow into the air mattress, slowly filling it up. Be sure to use a low heat setting or press the cool air button on your hair dryer, as you could damage your air mattress with hot air.

Use a Shop Vacuum

Ordinary vacuum cleaners just suck air up, but most shop vacuums have a reverse setting where they blow air back out. This can be a fairly quick way to inflate your air mattress, depending on how powerful your shop vacuum is.

Use a Snow or Leaf Blower

A snow blower or leaf blower is really just a machine designed to blow a strong, steady stream of air which can be used to move snow or leaves off your yard. But a snow or leaf blower is also handy for inflating an air mattress—just place the nozzle where you’d normally put your air mattress pump and turn it on.

Use a Different Pump

You might not have an air mattress pump, but you probably have other types of air pumps lying around. A pump intended to fill your bicycle tires or soccer balls can also work as an air mattress pump. This is probably the slowest and least effective method we’ve named, since you’ll have to pump manually for quite a while, but it can still work in a pinch.

Do it Yourself

Some people may recommend inflating an air mattress with nothing more than your breath. However, this really isn’t a great method. You’d have to constantly exhale to keep the mattress from losing air, and it’s likely to be exhausting. Not to mention it could take a long time.

Most people have at least one of the tools needed to inflate an air mattress without a specially designed pump. Though you might have to get creative and put in a little more work, you can inflate your air mattress without a pump using any of these methods.

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