Hybrid Mattresses: Everything You Need to Know

The hybrid mattress is the new kid in town. When you think about mattresses, most people remain oblivious of the fact that there are several types of it. You may have been using Hybrid mattress but didn’t even know, or you are just not aware of its existence. In any way, Hybrid mattress provides the best solution for giving you the perfect comfort and also the traditional convenience.

At present most of the mattress manufacturers seem to be inclined towards the production of Hybrid mattresses more than the rest of the mattresses. This is largely because of how popular it has got in such a short span of time. Hybrid mattresses are like the new technology electric cars compared to the old and traditional diesel/petrol cars. They are just better and ironically quieter than most types of other mattresses available.

It is important to understand the mechanics or the technological principle behind working of a hybrid mattress. That would give us a more clear picture of why and how Hybrid mattresses perform better than other types of mattresses.

What is Hybrid Mattress?

The name says it all, doesn’t it? We all know what “Hybrid” suggests. Urban dictionary defines “Hybrid” as “something that is made by a combination of two different elements.” So keeping that definition in view, Hybrid mattresses are a combination of two or more mattress support system. They are usually the hybrid of an innerspring mattress and memory foam mattress.

Innerspring mattress

They are those mattresses that use steel coils as their support system. These are the most common and probably the oldest form of support system that everybody is familiar with. They are used in most couches as well. The innerspring mattress or individually pocketed coil is used as the base support system for a Hybrid mattress. These pocketed steel coils enable the Hybrid mattress to regain the traditional “bounciness” effect of a mattress.

Memory foam mattress

These are the mattress that uses a support system in the form of high-density polyurethane foam. The memory foam mattresses are most popularly known for its contouring effect. It takes the shape of your body to enable maximum comfort. In a Hybrid mattress, the foam mattresses are used for the top layer.

How is Hybrid Mattress different from others?

Anything that has “Hybrid” word in it is expected to be different from the rest (in a good way of course). Hybrid mattress specifically refers to the combination of “support systems” of two or more mattresses support mechanism. Keep in mind that those two mattress combinations can vary. For example, there is a Hybrid mattress that combines the memory foam and innerspring mattresses. On the other hand, there are also the ones that combine memory foam and latex mattresses. In any case, Hybrid mattress combines all the positive aspects of both support systems to give you the best comfort.

Hybrid mattress uses the coil support system at its bases layer. This allows it to have that “bouncy” effect that innerspring mattresses have. On top of the coil support system, it has multiple layers of foam to ensure maximum softness and comfort of the mattress.

Hybrid mattress

The combination of springs and foam support system also allows the hybrid mattress to regain that traditional shape of the mattress. Usually, a memory foam mattress alone produces a rather off-shape in the form of straight lines and low profile primarily because of its lack of solid support.

Advantages of Hybrid Mattresses

There are several advantages of Hybrid mattress over all the other types. These advantages may vary depending on the comfort level, shape, pricing etc. some of its many benefits are as follows –

Regains the “bounciness” mechanism

The one mattress that most people compare a hybrid to is the foam mattress. The memory foam is probably the best when it comes to comfort level and the contouring effect (retaining your body shape) that it has. But one of the major drawbacks of foam was that it had no traditional bounce mechanism that traditional mattress usually has. Accept it. We all need our beds to bounce, for whatever reason, one may be thinking of (cheeky!).

Comfortable mattress

Cheaper than memory foam mattress

Seriously, something that offers the best qualities of two systems and cost less. Surely flying cars cannot be too far away now. Hybrid mattresses are usually less expensive than a memory foam mattress, and they are of course more comfortable and better in overall performance. It’s literally like someone offering you to watch “Deadpool” free and charging you in excess for watching “Green Lantern” (lol). Surely, that would be absurd, but its true in case of Hybrid mattress.

Great support

Owing to the fact that a hybrid mattress uses steel coils as their base support system, it offers the same support level of an innerspring mattress. But, unlike innerspring mattresses, it doesn’t only stop with providing great support. Usually, other mattresses sacrifice the comfort and softness aspect when they provide good support. But hybrid mattresses do not compromise any other features in addition to delivering the best support mechanism. In fact, Hybrid mattress provides all the combined positive features: comfort, contouring effect, and great support system.

Great for side sleepers

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to sleeping. Most of the time, we aren’t even sure how we sleep. Some people end up waking up in the morning in the exact opposite position in which they slept. Some just don’t move at all, like they become a marine of some sort after they sleep off. And there are those people who sleep straight or sideways. It may come as a surprise that different mattresses specialize in different sleeping positions. The Hybrid mattress, in particular, is great for those side sleepers. This is primarily because hybrid mattresses are flatter than those traditional innerspring mattresses. Also, the fact that they have the contouring effect adds to the comfort and convenience for side sleepers.

P.S. It is natural for any products to have some demerits (however minimal). The same in the case of Hybrid mattress is that they are usually heavier, hence, making it difficult to move it around frequently.

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